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Studying with a functional impediment

What are functional impediments?

Functional impediments are physical, sensory, and mental disorders, that are often permanent and can cause difficulties in your studies. Functional impediments include physically noticeable impediments and disorders such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and chronic illnesses.

Academic success

Ten per cent of Saxion students have a functional impediment. Half of these students face difficulties in their studies as a result of these impediments. Students with a functional impediment are just as entitled to successfully complete their studies as students without any impediments. This is why Saxion provides four types of facilities that makes studying accessible to students with a functional impediment.

Special facilities

  • Educational support e.g. additional supervision, spreading of the study load, or a suitable internship.
  • Special arrangements for exams e.g. extended time, large print, or use of a laptop.
  • Facilities e.g. parking facilities, resting rooms, or adjusted furniture.
  • Financial support e.g. when a functional impediment results in study completion delay and more time is needed to complete the study than provided for by the performance-related grant.

Admission interview

For applying students with an impediment who expect to have difficulties completing their study, we recommend requesting an admission interview well ahead of the start of the study programme. This admission interview will be conducted by a student counsellor from Saxion. If possible, a study career counsellor will sit in at the meeting. During this interview the nature and impact of the functional impediment will be discussed. The competences related to the study programme and their relation to the impediment will also be discussed. Finally, the adjustments and support required by the student during the study programme will be assessed and whether Saxion can provide these aids.