International Business School

Saxion Export Center

As of 1 August 2009 the Saxion Export Center (SEC) has been functioning as part of the “Internationale handel voor het MKB” (International Trade for SMEs) Research Group. The purpose of the Saxion Export Center is to strengthen entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized companies in Overijssel and the Euregio. We are also looking for students who can help these companies accomplish that. We currently have three ongoing projects:

Export Expertise

From the second academic year until the fourth academic year we offer extra depth to the students on top of their existing study programme, to give students the opportunity to learn about the exporting trade from both research-based and practical perspectives. This programme consists of, but is not limited to, real-life company export cases, personal branding in international business, practical workshops on a range of export-related topics, and visits to international companies.

The Export Development Programme

The Saxion Export Center supports business owners in their international ambitions by supplying graduates and export trainees. During your first five months in the Export Development Programme you will work as a graduate for a company that wishes to structure or kick-start its international ambitions. In the second part, which lasts six months, you will implement your research as an export trainee. In other words, this will be your first job!

Cross-Border Talent

Cross-Border Talent connects talented students to businesses in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany. You will have the opportunity to investigate a cross-border issue and then put your findings into action during a six-month traineeship. This is a great start for your career as a young professional!