International Business School

From Good to Great

Are you one of those students who can combine excellent study results with a part-time job, membership of a sports club and social events? In that case we would like to challenge you to participate in the 1-year Top Talent Programme of the International Business School.

Course content

‘From Good To Great’ is a one year extra-curricular study programme intended for highly motived, internationally focused students who are looking for an extra challenge in their second year. The programme gives in depth courses on current topics and developments and provides various opportunities to get acquainted with innovative companies. It aims at providing you with a view beyond the boundaries of your regular studies, and stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. It is an excellent opportunity for those who are willing to invest more time in their personal and professional development.

We offer the following

  • First class guest lecturers
  • Company visits
  • Lectures about the latest business trends (good to great, new product development, leadership, big data & business)
  • Management skills training programme (media training, networking, debating,..)
  • Personal development (leadership, creative thinking)
  • A broadening of your horizon and a wider perspective

We work with the following themes

From Good to Great

In this introductory theme you get to know your fellow students and find out how good you are in debating, analysing, reviewing and develop the relevant skills for this programme.

Brave New World

So the modern world offers all sorts of new challenges, and innovations happen so fast that we cannot keep up with it? In this theme you will take a closer look at the ethical and cultural implications of these challenges and in which way utopian and dystopian views have coloured our way of looking at the future.

New Concept Development

You probably know what to do when devising a business plan for a company, but what about designing a plan for the year 2030? Or for a whole new industry? And does innovation automatically mean technology? Time to get creative.

Leadership and Personal Development

There are quite a few examples of good leadership and a lot more guidebooks on this, but for true leadership, “you have to know thyself”. In this intense theme you will investigate your own potential, and further develop yourself.


This programme is accessible to current first year students, who:

  • follow a study at Saxion Enschede or Deventer
  • have 54 ECTS points from their first year
  • have an average of 7 or higher
  • have a sufficient mark for English

Practical information

  • The programme starts in September
  • Lectures will take place on Thursday afternoon/evening (4 to 8 PM)
  • Lectures take place in Enschede and Deventer
  • The entire programme is in English (spoken and written)
  • Travel costs and costs for books are not covered
  • Students finishing the programme will receive a certificate and letter of recommendation.

Participant requirements

  • Enthusiasm, active participation, enterprising
  • Well prepared for classes, assignments
  • Good command of English (spoken as well as written)
  • Willing to invest time (approximately 8 hours a week)

How to join the programme

If you are interested in participating in this programme, please send your motivation letter and CV  to Mrs. Reinie Bril-Willemsen, email:

Further questions about the course or the selection procedure can be addressed to the course director, Mr. Aldo van Duivenboden, email: or Mrs. Reinie Bril: