International Business School

Conscious Business Challenge

The goal of the 3-year program is to develop yourself to a conscious business professional. We believe that business has to drive the change to a healthy and fair world.

During the program we practice the power of working inside-out. We challenge students to find their personal drivers, unique talents, passion, purpose, and use the acquired self-knowledge for practical realization of ambitious projects and ventures.

We learn while doing real live social- and business projects of your choice with the aim to have a positive impact on ourselves and on the world we live in.

Year 1: Who am I as a conscious business professional (I)
While working on an ambitious project we focus on finding our personal drivers, talents, dragons, passion and learn about the specific contribution you can make to a project. This year the project is to organize a voyage to Nepal together with an NGO MyQuest and finance an education program for yourself and for Nepalese students.

Year 2: Working together on balancing values (WE)
This is a distant learning project because most students are abroad. Students work on building a learning community and sharing the experiences of their personal leaning questions. The group to self-organize the community and reflect on each other. The group will work on a self-defined charity or volunteer challenge.

Year 3: From inspiration to realization of a conscious project (IT)
Students have to deliver a conscious business masterpiece being a real-life project or venture. The project has a clear personal purpose, is in line with the student’s mission and passion and talents.  The challenge is to actually go from inspiration to realization and deliver the results within time constraints.

The program is fully taught in English and has a high level of interaction and self-reflection and is open for students from all (international) backgrounds and disciplines including non-business disciplines. We have weekly meetings on Thursdays from 16.00 – 20.00.

Accessibility programme: open to all first year students
Contact person: Aldo van Duivenboden –